EEF and Collingwood Combine To Work For Better Health

collingwood and eef combine

A new service has been launched to provide innovative solutions for manufacturers’ occupational health needs.

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation has announced a partnership with Collingwood Health to increase its range of Occupational Health services to thousands of member businesses.

The partnership will build on EEF’s huge experience in the area, using the latest technologies to help customers protect their biggest asset - their workforce.

Operating under the existing name of EEF Occupational Health Service, Collingwood Health has an exciting investment plan to expand the service and develop a comprehensive national offering.

The service already specialises in sickness and absence management and the problems caused by the two biggest factors causing time off work, stress and musculoskeletal disorders. It also provides expert, professional help to assess the workplace and advise employers on crucial compliance and well-being issues.

Announcing the new equity partnership with Collingwood, EEF’s Chief Executive Terry Scuoler said: “Our members have always understood the need to protect themselves and their workforce by using robust occupational health.

“The new service will build on the award-winning work we already do and take our Occupational Health offering into a new era.”

Collingwood Chairman and CEO Mark Partridge said:” Our investment plan aims to innovate and embrace the very latest medical technology to build on EEF’s proud history in helping manufacturers address complex issues like high absence levels, increasingly costly litigation and stringent regulatory compliance.

“Employers know that good OH makes good economic sense. It cuts down on time lost through sickness and the increasing number of insurance claims made by current and former employees.

“Not only that, morale and motivation of the workforce improves tremendously when employees know that the company is looking after their wellbeing.

As well as providing operational OH services to both EEF members and non-members alike, the service is also developing a range of on-line wellness programmes and a telephone support service. EEF Occupational Health Service has launched a national helpline for help and advice on any OH issues on 0844 800 9264. The service can also be accessed via the website w: