Mental Health and Stress

Our team of counsellors, nurses and physicians are experienced in dealing with mental health issues both on site and in our clinics. They deal with many and varied problems which have presented themselves at work, even though some are not directly work-related. These can range from post-traumatic stress disorders, depression, dependencies and chronic anxiety. We will ensure that the individual concerned is always given the most appropriate advice and referral for further treatment if needed.

Stress is by far the biggest factor affecting employee wellbeing, and the biggest cause of working days lost through absence. It therefore makes sound economic sense for employers to use us to identify the causes of stress within the workforce, and seek our advice in bringing it down to a manageable level.

We can assess your existing management policies and conduct a risk assessment, using standard indicating tools. We will then gather data in order to identify action areas and develop a remedial plan.

Our comprehensive absence management programmes will also ensure that employee absence through work-related stress is kept to a minimum, both individually and within the group.