Health Surveillance

health surveillance

It’s vital to keep track of your employees’ health throughout their time with you. In many sectors, this is a requirement of the regulations and legislation governing the industry. However, in an ever-growing compensation culture, it makes good economic sense to monitor and record your people’s health whatever their work environment.

Operating to the highest standards of clinical excellence, our teams can deliver statutory surveillance tests for exposure to dust, vibration, noise and other hazards. They can also complete baseline medicals at the start of employment, regular checks at agreed intervals throughout the employee’s career and an exit medical. These will help both you and the employee to address any health issues at an early stage and equip you to deal correctly with potential claims.

Our surveillance work is backed with meticulous record keeping and a reporting system tailored to your needs.

Some of our Health Surveillance services include Health Risk Audits, Ongoing Surveillance, Fitness to Work Assessments, Fitness to Drive Assessments, Specific Activity Assessments and Reporting and Trend Analaysis.