Occupational Health and Wellbeing

health and safety

All companies have a legal obligation to their employees to comply with health and safety legislation and embrace best practice guidelines in the provision of a safe working environment, and to ensure occupational health surveillance of employees who are, or could be, exposed to certain hazards in their work.

As specialists in health risk management and employee health, wellbeing and productivity, EEF Occupational Health Service can be a valued partner in ensuring compliance and best practice to maximise your productivity and minimise your exposure to potential legal action and insurance claims and premiums.

To achieve this, we can provide you with a comprehensive array of services tailored to your individual needs:

  • Compliance Review
  • Accident Management Service
  • Health Risk Audits
  • Health Screening and Surveillance
  • Fitness for Work Assessments
  • Fitness to Drive Assessments
  • Other Specific Activity Assessments
  • Reporting and Trend Analysis

These services are provided by experienced and qualified professionals and can be delivered nationwide, on an ad hoc or continuing basis and either onsite or offsite at our premises.