Fitness to Work Assessments

occupational health services

The primary purpose of fitness to work health assessments is to make sure that an individual is fit to perform their work and designated tasking effectively and without risk to their own or others’ health and safety. Fitness to work is relevant where illnesses or injuries reduce performance, or affect health and safety in the workplace. It may also be specific to certain hazardous tasks for which medical standards exist.

The Equality Act 2010 provides a legislative framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all. One of the central duties for employers under the Act is to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace for employees who suffer a disability of any kind. We provide expert interpretation of what that disability means in functional terms and advise on what reasonable adjustments may be required.

There are a number of work activities and environments and other scenarios that require employees to be screened for existing health conditions that may be aggravated by their work or working environment. Similarly, there are times when ad hoc testing is required to ensure fitness to work. The statutory medical and HSE recommended Fitness to Work Assessments which EEF Occupational Health Service can provide will confirm an employee’s fitness to work and safely perform their assigned tasks.