Occupational Health Physiotherapy


Along with work-related stress, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a major cause of lost time and absence.

Such disorders can be complex to treat and rehabilitation can often be a lengthy process. Unless they are identified early and managed properly, the health and productivity of both your employee and your business will suffer.

The most common problems which occur are as a result of strain and injuries to the back and neck. Unfortunately, these disorders can be the most complicated and often take the longest to achieve full functional restoration.

The prompt use of professional occupational health physiotherapists can provide cost-effective case assessment, treatment and case-managed referral of those with acute and long term illness.

With us as your partner, our experienced ergonomists and physiotherapists can:

  • Arrange the prompt assessment and treatment of an employee, on/off site and with referral to appropriate specialists if, necessary
  • Provide detailed case management reports on progress and the prognosis for functional restoration and rehabilitation
  • Provide you with comprehensive risk based assessments of your workplace, workstations and tasking
  • Advise you on appropriate corrective and preventative measures, their implementation and communication of best practice guidelines and procedures to your workforce