Workplace Ergonomics

workplace ergonomics

It’s never going to be possible to completely eliminate the risk of accident or injury at work, but the use of ergonomic principles in the design of the workplace and individual work stations can do a lot to minimise it.

Let our experts check out your workplace and help you and your business stay fit and healthy. With a comprehensive occupational health audit, we will examine your premises and production methods and alert you to any problems before they happen. Our full risk assessment will highlight potential pitfalls and recommend action to avoid days lost through things like musculoskeletal disorders and workplace stress.

We look at job design and the layout of equipment and give a detailed report on our findings, whether your work involves manual handling, heavy plant or clean room technology. Whatever the industry, we have the specialist to help.

Many companies lose time and efficiency through work related musculoskeletal disorders, injuries and stress, as a result of inadequacies in:

  • Equipment, seating and workstation design.
  • Working environment and workplace layout.
  • Work methods, shift patterns and workloads.

We will help you address these problems and to cope with individual cases as they arise. We’ll also advise on improvements to reduce the likelihood of such cases reoccurring.

Examples of our workplace ergonomic services include:

  • Ergonomic Workplace Assessments
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments
  • Manual Handling Audits and Assessments